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Friday, March 22, 2019

About Us

The Rotary Club of The Ponds was re-chartered on 10 January 2016 following the original charter as The Rotary Club of Vinegar Hill, Rotary District 9685, which occurred on 26 June 2014.

The club was commenced as a Club with a new vision; to do Rotary Differently. The concept was to create a dynamic and diverse club, that met on Sunday afternoons for coffee, and to dispense with the usual traditions associated with regular Rotary Clubs, but to still achieve the goals of Rotary.

After an average start to its life, Vinegar Hill encountered teething problems which produced a number of challenges to longevity, and after ts first year had lost 15 of its original 23 members.

This produced further challenges to the President and remaining 5 active members, who were able to maintain an active club.

Late in December 2015 saw a change of direction and a club rename and relocation by a few kilometres. The result of this has seen a rapid and continual growth, initially with 5 new members to start the 2016-17 year with 10 members, and a membership to date of 25 active members and 1 honorary member.

We a now a new, strong, vibrant and diverse Rotary Club. We welcome everyone to our team, whether you are retired, still working, single, married, divorced, male or female or any nationality, you are welcome to come along and join us to serve the community, both at the local level, national or international: we will try to make the difference.

At the heart of this club, is the desire for us to do Rotary differently. Whatever image you may have about Rotary Clubs, our club is totally different.


We meet in a coffee shop in a retail shopping complex, in full view of the public at all times. We meet on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays, and consider engagement in our projects and activities more important than attendance, although the fellowship at meetings is great.

On our 5th Sunday meeting, we always do something different, and normally meet in a Cafe/Bar owned by a club member. Families are always welcome at any meeting, and we have a number of husband/wife membership and our youngest child is just a few months old.

Our club has a blend of nationalitis which are representative of our community, and we have a 50/50 male & female ratio.

The majority of new members have interacted with us via social media and have requested to join the club, as oppsoed tpo being asked.

Our youngest members are both 30 years of age and our average age is well below 50.

We do not do the traditional Rotary things like singing the national anthem or having a full blown agenda. We do most of our business by email, sms text, skype or use other networking tools to get the message across. Then we can reduce the amount of business when we meet together, and get our projects organised quickly. Our meetings consist of more Rotary talk than has been experienced by many Rotarians.

There are many programs and projects that Rotary has available to suit school aged children, from primary to high school, and we are becoming involved and support the local P&C's as well. We believe in collaboration, as it is easier to get things done as a united force.

The Interact Club of The Ponds was charterd in March 2017 with over 100 students from The Ponds High School.

The Club looks forward to becoming a real strength in getting projects done in The Ponds, and we really are excited to have been accepted into the area.

For further information regarding Coffee Clubs, please contact the President Bruce Nicholls by the Contac menu. He is happy to speak to your District or Club.


Youth Projects